Mr Crystal

Crystal Growth Systems were originally invented by a Canadian mining engineer. Mines would flood with groundwater, so engineers would build concrete walls (shotcrete) to keep it out. The concrete would crack, thus requiring something that would function from the negative pressure face of the concrete.

Mr Crystal is applied to the surface of the concrete. CGS’S were extensively developed for use on undersea tunnels, most notably, the English Channel Tunnel. This industry based methodology, required special training to understand the cause and effect in detail. It is this knowledge that Crystalfix can discuss with you to effect the best repair for you structures.
Crystal Growth Systems, repair concrete by the formation of hard polydendretic crystals that form within the concrete. This gives the method outstanding properties in waterproofing, densifying, hardfacing, and steel reinforcement protection. Because it becomes part of the concrete, it cannot puncture or tear. It also offers protection in the freeze/thaw cycle of concrete. Of major importance, is that it continues to repair as the structure continues to move.

Mr Crystal is applied to the surface of the concrete. Within concrete are millions of tiny voids. Mr Crystal migrates through these voids by osmosis and capillary action, generating in-soluble crystals as it travels. Mr Crystal is in fact a catalyst, which causes your existing concrete to grow in-soluble crystals. This means you have a large amount of material in the structure, which can generate in-soluble crystals without adding material that will expand cracks. Mr Crystal is stimulated by the by-products of your existing concrete and hydration. This means, each time water is present within the substrate, Mr Crystal will activate.

Why should a crystal growth system work where everything else has failed?

In the past, people have applied a membrane over the crack/s. This can be a render (with or without additives), glues, flexible sealants, fibreglass…..the list goes on. As soon as movement occurs, the membrane will tear, crack or puncture. The first occasion of massive movement usually occurs when you initially put the water back in the structure. (Eg 10,000 gallons = 45 tonne) The successful results attained with a crystal growth system are because it repairs and continues to repair the structure as the structure moves!!